Taco Bell

Prima di pubblicare un post su alcune recenti riflessioni post-grecia alcuni articoli ed alcuni spunti interessanti da analizzare.


Taco Bell Programming (2010)

Every item on the menu at Taco Bell is just a different configuration of roughly eight ingredients. With this simple periodic table of meat and produce, the company pulled down $1.9 billion last year.

Che si riassume in questa lapidaria frase

Every time you write code or introduce third-party services, you are introducing the possibility of failure into your system. 

You are not paid to write code

Another area I see this manifest is with the siloing of responsibilities. Product, Platform, Infrastructure, Operations, DevOps, QA—whatever the silos, it’s created a sort of responsibility lethargy. “I’m paid to write software, not tests” or “I’m paid to write features, not deploy and monitor them.”


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