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We Ain’t Cool

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The thing to realize about the Centurion toys was that they were large and they were very durable. The figures themselves didn’t have a whole lot of things to break, and they were very sturdy. In order to break them, you’d have to really have a vendetta against the Centurions. One day, as my older brother and I returned home from school, we stood witness to one of the most tragic sights any young child could see. There, not more than 10 feet in front of us, was my little brother and some other little cocksucker playing with our Centurions. And by ‘playing’ I don’t mean that they were staging battles with their Centurions like any normal child would do. No, their idea of playing meant to throw the figures 50 feet in the air and let them fall straight down to the cold, hard, pavement. The look on our collective faces was a mixture of pure shock and blinding fury. After the initial shock wore off, we ran straight to the scene howling like banshees and I was just in time to see Ace McCloud smash into the ground after an ill-timed flight. Ace’s head snapped right off his body on impact. We ran the perpetrators off and a lengthy beating ensued. We came back to examine the ruins… and found that there wasn’t much to examine. Our Centurions lay in shambles, the bodies cracked in half, the heads and limbs all broken off. There was no repairing them, they were gone. All I could do was drop to my knees, throw my hands in the air and scream “WHY, GOD… WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!” The lesson I learned that day? Never leave your favorite toys where others can get their hands on them. You’re just looking for trouble.


Abdul Alhazared, a.k.a. Al Azif, ha circa 1000 anni e gironzola su vari piani dell'esistenza. Dopo aver scritto il Necronomicon si è dedicato alla tecnologia e alla scienza, muovendosi di tanto in tanto in Europa.

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