In missione per conto di Dreadnaut….

So stocked he was flossing his uber whip to those bangin bitches. A missed mack, actually, but damn if he was Amped. Then we met that bloke, Elroy and that tight girl he’s hooking up, and they said there was dank at his place, we got there, and brought that hottie we met in the pub along, but dank ended up being stress, and she thought we were dipsticks, no way to enjoy some parallel parking with her. Nothing got by, what a janky night. So I thought that was well time to get crunk but cheddar wasn’t enough and got only daunch, still that felt wooka-well. Eventually I marinated and figured it was time to get home, I announced I had to get some sleep, but it was camo, as I actually had to drop some kids off at the pool.

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