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Game cube pirata: siamo vicini…

Sembra sia caduto pure il cubo

Breaking News: Mental Cube Hacked BIOS For Viper GC

posted by malloc at 10:15 pm on 12-12-2004

We have recieved some exclusive inside info about the new third party flash

BIOS for the Viper GC from a group of hackers known as Mental Cube.

The viper was already shipped in limited quantities to some developers a

couple of weeks ago, it seems they were hard at work 🙂 A new release

group, Mental Cube, have developed a hacked BIOS for Viper GC, called Cobra

BIOS.The hacked BIOS will make it possible to play backups from Mini DVD-r,

just by swapping with an original disc after the Cobra BIOS on screen

prompt! Fun times ahead for all of us….

Still don’t believe it ? Well here at Maxconsole we’ve managed to obtain an

EXCLUSIVE screenshot of the Cobra BIOS in action….

The bios is expected to be released in the coming week , so looks like we

can look to some great times ahead with the Gamecube .


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