I'm getting older and need something to R'Lieh on

DS Download Service

“All of a sudden, Nintendo confirmed that from tomorrow, 26th of February and until the 21st of March, Japanese gamers will be able to download demos and updates to their DS, through selected Electronic stores in Japan.

Up until now, the confirmed content is:
Meteos demo
Chokkan Hitofude demo
Band Brothers songs

The Band Brothers songs are:
Toko toko Yoshi (Catch! Touch! Yoshi!)
DK: Jungle Beat
Slider (Super Mario 64 DS)
Ashley (WarioWare: Touched!)
Parthena no Kagami: A Set
Parthena no Kagami: B Set

The demos will be stored in the DS memory, which means that when you close the DS they are gone. But Band Brothers songs, can be stored in the game memory.”


dubito che in Italia vedremo qualcosa di simile entro breve… 🙁


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