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Pac Pix – Recensione

Hanno dato 910 a Pac Pix nella prima recensione in rete… a quanto pare sto giochillo é destinato a essere innovativo come il primo gnam gnam pac man ..

HonestGamers.com – Pac-Pix (Import) (Nintendo DS) Video Game Reviews Video Game Coverage

Posto le conclusioni:



* Unique, fresh, and very, very original

* Touch screen response is smooth and flawless

* A nicely graded learning curve will welcome you in

* There’s a huge variety of stages on offer

* As players progress, the number of abilities they have there disposal will begin to increase

* It’s simple graphics prove endearing

* The soundtrack features a series of remixed Pac classics

* Though somewhat forgettable, the unlockables are always appreciated

* It actually makes Nintendo’s promise of new trends in gaming seem possible



* The simplistic visuals may drive the more shallow of gamers away

* The story wasn’t necessary

* Having to replay an entire stage upon making a single mistake can be frustrating


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