Loesbaek! Cthulhu 2008 aend Siftoris + orcoso

Why vote for a lesser evil? Cthulhu 2008!

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alcuni ogettonclusi in fondo al messaggio.

ps: dimenticavo. Ieri ho scritto a orkut spiegando gentilmente diversi motivi per cui sono degli incompetenti. Dato che dread è curioso, pasto qui il messaggio:

Big communities are doomed by many problems. I’ll try to show them to you, though you may not be intrested i feel it’s the right thing to do.

(1) SPAM
We need proper weapons to fight spam:

a. We should be able to “disable” events, and “delete all messages from this user” should delete his events too;

b. We should be able to properly and quickly report spammers. As of now it’s too a long operation. We’d need a checkbox for each thread starter, available in the “forum view”, to BAN, DELETE ALL POSTS, and REPORT AS SPAMMER. This way we could get rid with really few clicks of all the spam and spammers;

c. We face it: the vast majority of orkut users are plain dumb, so dumb they never even try to read community descriptions before hitting “join”. This means that join requests are way too many. We’d find it useful to be helped by our moderators in rejecting or accepting them;

d. We’d find useful to have a “known spammers” list, which every community owner could chose to use as filter to subscriptions. I know this could include false positives, but something must be done – what’s your profit in allowing spam messages? And i don’t mean newbies who spam their community all-over the world, i mean “free india sms!!!111!!1!” or “softwarez cool xp download” and things like that.

We need better forums, will all *basic* functions every real forum has got:

a. Sticky threads are threads that stay “always on top” of the list, and are very useful to either to write forum rules or faqs, or to show something that is important;

b. The power to edit user posts, enables the moderator to rip off the bad parts of a post without having to delete it entirely;

c. The power to close threads is also important: if a thread is not really appropriate for my forum, but it is not spam – which i would delete – it could be better to “close it”, so nobody complains this thread disappeared, and other users understand what shouldn’t be done;

d. The forum view should show who is the last poster, and more importantly could keep track of which threads have got new posts since last time you’ve seen them. I mean… have you ever used a real forum? No offense intended;

e. The admins and the staff should be real people, and not godlike entities whom you are not even really sure they really exist. I understand they may fear to be bothered by tons of users demanding every kind of thing, but this is a risk that must be taken. You shouldn’t control something if that something doesn’t even know if you exist: that’s what a spy does, not an admin!

f. For this same reason, there should be some official communities intended to the admin-user relationship, they should be easily found, and if you think the burden of mantaining relations such as this one are too costly, you could use some super-users to follow your guide and freely help you. That’s more or less the work of the moderators and admins in the real forums.

I know these advices will probably be ignored, but honestly i feel it was the right thing to do to let you know what you should do to improve your site from a messy one to a serious one, because i feel i must consider the possibility you are doing bad things out of ignorance.

If you did read everything though this, well thank you, and if you’ll at least seriously consider the advices, thank you again.

PS: note that when i say “We”, i mean “all the (few?) brain-equipped orkut users”.

Via: VideoSift

Via: VideoSift

8 risposte su “Loesbaek! Cthulhu 2008 aend Siftoris + orcoso”

Voldermort? Dread, ti cancello dalla lista della gente dotata di neuroni o cosa?

Mi compara Chtulhu con Voldercoso, dai. Comparalo con Hillary Clinton, Renato Schifani, Pippo Baudo, dai.

E non dire che sono tutte persone reali. Lo sappiamo tutti che Pippo Baudo non esiste.

Perchè non esiste… VERO?

L’amministratore del “Foro” e del “Mastollo” scrive a… boh, dei capoingegneri di Google per spiegargli che sono degli incompetenti? Beh, ci credo che d. voleva leggere, cazzo.

Posto davanti alla vera prospettiva di leggere io però mi astengo. Ma ho la giustifica della mamma: ho sonno.

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